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msr900 card reader software download msr900 card reader software download Category:Magnetic stripe technology Category:Computer peripheralsKARACHI: The multi-billion-dollar Metro bus project could be completed within two years, officials of the Punjab transport department revealed on Monday, adding that it was not yet clear which city would be the first in the world to have a metro bus system. Officials have claimed that they were already close to completing the project that involves construction of a total length of 40.6 kilometre from the outskirts of Lahore to Faisalabad with a total cost of $1.2 billion. They said about Rs185 billion had already been spent on it. “The project will be completed by December or January 2018,” a senior transport department official said while addressing a news conference in Karachi on Monday. “It will be the first world metro bus system,” another official said. The project had begun under the previous governments but was stalled by the Supreme Court for over four years due to opposition from the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and was taken up in last May. It had been claimed that a power crunch was the reason why the project was stalled. The project is being executed by the Pakistan Metropolitan Transport Project Company (PMTPC) which is a subsidiary of the Punjab government. The project includes two main parts of the project. The first one is the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of 28.8 kilometre of the 40.6 kilometre long stretch. The second part involves the construction of three Metro bus stations, six new bus stations along the route and 60 buses. The Punjab government in the last quarter of last year had acquired 300 hectares of land for the project in Lahore and Faisalabad. The government of Punjab, according to the officials, had promised construction of three Metro stations in Faisalabad which was not done in spite of its advocacy. Moreover, in Lahore there was no Metro bus station for over four years. Officials said that the Punjab government was also planning to launch Lahore’s first Metro bus service by April 2019. “The last bus in Lahore’s Metro bus service will leave Lahore General Hospital on April 29, 2019,” the senior transport department official said. According to him, �




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